Sunday, 13 July 2008

Singh is King Hindi Movie Wallpapers

All the best and high resolution wallpapers of upcoming movie Singh is King (2008).
Wow, What a nice pink dress by Katrina Kaif in this movie and this photo from the songs of sajada.
Katrina Kaif looks so cute and fine in also Indian tradition dress. I am talking about the saris. And always a black sari is the source of attraction for a beautiful lady.

Katrina Kaif is as very good dancer as she is beautiful. Here Akshay Kumar.. a happy punjabi singh is in different role and this actor Akshay Kumar always do something strange and risky task.Katrina Kaif in dance party still wallpapers. In this photo katrina kaif is dancing with hot and spacy young beatiful lady which all are in red dresses.
What a stunning scene by this two beatiful couple. Really the atmosphere behind them is as well as beautiful.
As i say a new role of this champion bollywood actor Akshay kumar. Looking so hansome in this dress.
We till saw that the great actor sallu miya (salman khan) behind previous miss world Ashwariya Rai but he don't know he has the beauty queen as katrina kaif. And I think that Ashwariya rai is not beautiful as katrina kaif.
The most and famous poster of this movie Singh is Kinng (2008).
Akshay Kumar on dancing mood and showing a finger to spectators.
Akshay Kumar with body builder. Look like a villan of the movie.
This is again the most famous poster of the movie akshay kumar and katrina kaif.
What a nice dance party with akshay kumar !
Nice shuit of akshay kumar looking very smart.

Finally akshay kumar shows his handsomeness to all you audiance.

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