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Download Taken English Movie

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Starrings : Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, Liam Neeson,
Director : Pierre Morel
Producers : Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, India Osborne, Luc Besson
Writers : Luc Besson, Robert Kamen
Music : Nathaniel Mechaly
Genres : Action, Drama and Thriller
Running Time : 1 hr. 31 min.
Distributors : 20th Century Fox Distribution
Release Date : September 19th, 2008 (World wide)
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Watch online Taken (2008) | New released hollywood movie Taken (2008) | Watch high Quality .avi file with high resolution pictures.

Movie Reviews:-

From the producer / co-writer Luc Besson (professional, The Fifth Element) has been taken abduct thriller, which was played formulaically and ensures that any coverage of this genre that we've seen, especially on television as 24. But Besson's secret weapon is fantastic appealing performance of Liam Neeson as the ex-spy, looking for his estranged daughter.

Neeson to play Bryan Mills, who is overprotective father who was never there for his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace), when she was young, because he's secret government. Their jobs and the prices are beautiful wife Leonore ga (Famke Janssen), who is now married to a very rich Stuart (Xander Berkeley). Now retired, and Kim just turning 17, Bryan, who spend time with her and the efforts to the father he never was. On the journey to Paris from Los Angeles, CA with her best friend Amanda (Katie Cassidy), Kim was abducted by the Albanian criminals who want to put people in the world. Bryan quickly began to rely on his instincts as soon as he gets to Paris and began following a trail after an appointment to find his daughter. He does not miss, and he proves that he soon will do almost anything to find someone Kim and her safely home.

On land was produced by Besson's EuropaCorp group, which was issued District 13, whose director Pierre MOREL also takes the reigns of this thriller. MOREL, the order is super fast, which works in the movie is grace. After a few brief moments of character establishment, the film begins in a high energy and never late. The fight sequences are terrifically choreographed, which includes a number of hand-to-hand fighting that Neeson's character. The script of Besson and co-writer Robert Mark Kamen is typical for this genre and the nature, but the nature of Bryan is kick-butt dad not to take no as an answer. Bryan is a lot like the character Jack Bauer 24, but it is only to give up all its struggle and solutions of the problems in one day. There are several disclosure of the trafficking, which is worrying. But the story takes place through most of the clich├ęs, but the action in the film.

As I said, the real reason to see Taken see Liam Neeson beat some bad guys. He has also not shy away from his sinister side, which kills more people in this film as he beats. Neeson is a great actor and it's fun to see ga play hero dad that action, the audience applauded. Famke Janssen usually loud and Neeson gives labels seems that his ex-wife Leonore and Maggie Grace happily plays Kim, was abducted while.

Although the slightly Based on all of us have seen many times before, they quickly and with a package of measures to the most elaborate fight sequences. But the real reason for this movie is the profession of Liam Neeson as a former spy goes back to its roots to save his daughter. Taking opened in February this year in France and is slated to be released on 19 september 2008 in the United States.

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