Saturday, 9 August 2008

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Hare Ram- One more hit for NTR Arts banner
Starrings : Kalyan Ram, Priyamani, Kota, Sindhu Tolani, Brahmanandam, Ali, Seetha, Ashok Kumar,Chandramohan, Venu Madhav, Raghu Babu, Nutan Prasad, Apoorva and others
Director : Harshavardhan
Producer : Kalyan Ram
Music : Micky J Meyer
Cinematography : C Jayaram
Banner : NTR Arts
Rating : 4/5
Released Date : July 18, 2008

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Hare Ram Movie Synopsis and Story :-

Hari (Kalyanram) and Ram (Kalyanram), the brother of the different approach. Hari is smart, and Ram always thought that no one should be more than that. When his father (Chandramohan) all praise for Hari Ram tried to attack his father and brother. At this time, Ram's mother (Sita) away from him, while his father Hari day. As Hari's father's death, his childhood, his paternal uncle and aunt (chinnanna, Pinni) (Chalapati Rao and Sudha) and it appears to bring the IPS officer, Ram's mother, however, it brings is a chef by . On one hand, is a minister (Kota Srinivasa Rao), whose brother, (black Rajiv Kana)
A scientist. Both are curved and a scientist invents a dangerous virus that spreads very quickly and even medicine. They plan to spread the virus before and after the drug after a moderate in time and money. Channel TV camera woman (Tula Indus, Russia) to show the secret. As a result, they killed the men on behalf of the Minister of his colleagues with the supplier. Later, journalists and researchers obtained under mysterious circumstances in his dead. Some doubt for foul play, CBI members Anjali (Priyamani) investigation, and he and his network after the arrest of Hari he believes the crime. Who is the real killer of the two - or Hari Ram? What is the relationship between women's and Ram camera? Hari adoption of the crime? Who changed against the killing of animals, the camera woman? The summit between the answers to these questions.

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